A game about driving a train without brakes by Multi-Track Drifting

Two train engineers are working on building their own machines! But they forgot to add the brakes! But they will be multi-track drifting their way through the railway. No stopping required!


Hold I and K (as well as Up or Down arrows) to switch rails with the front boogie of the train.

Hold W or S (as well as E or D for our french players) to switch rails with the rear boogie of the train.

Spacebar and Return to accept, Spacebar pause/unpause and Escape to quit or back.

Use the mouse to interact with the menu.



  • 08/07/2019: Working on new content version
    • Updated WebGL & standalone builds to match mobile versions
    • WebGL version is now complete(!)
    • Optimizations


  • 30/06/2015: Post-gamelab update
    • Added GUI switch
    • Reworked tutorial animation
    • Improved the game's performance-demand
    • Fixed rail where train could get stuck
    • Fixed bug where it would keep telling the player they won when winning
  • 12/06/2015: First public release

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A game by:

@fonserbc & TingLo

Check the (old) Devlog here:



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This is such a hard game even with the simple trains! I love it!

Edit:I made a YouTube video for this game if that’s okay:

Thanks! I'm glad you like it.

It's been a while since I worked on this but I always want to come back and add more rail puzzles :)