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what a great idea for a game. Simple to learn, and quite fun.


Okay, so the mobile UI doesnt look too hot, but the game is a pretty solid and addicting ideafor a highscore game. You steer the front and end part of a train simultaneously and need to make sure to choose the correct paths so that the train wont get ripped apart. It took me a few minutes to understand how the mechanics work and to get into the groove of it, but once you do.. its pretty darn addicting to replay and hunt for a better score. The mobile version has leaderboards, which the itch version unfortunately does not have, but this is really surprisingly fun.

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hay is the city the last plays in the game

Yes, city and the high-speed train is hardest and last part of the game!

ok i thot so

If you switch quickly from one side to the other, yellow will lean it's head but not purple

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well ether thin me not thanking the mucik dose not fit very well it is a very fun game and i do like playing it


l;isin to this wall you play it fits so mush beter


It's so simple and so effective, I had a blast playing it. Amazing work!


Really enjoyed this, simple and fun. Played with a freind and laughs were had!


Please add an easy verison with just the front train? Want to see where it leads, scenary and winning 

Hey! Thanks for playing.
You can try playing with a friend on the same computer, sometimes it's easier, but sometimes it's harder!

I don't really want to make a version with only 1 cart, the whole game is designed around 2 carts.

I would consider a slower/calmer version though!
How far can you get? There are only 4 levels (backgrounds) per train :)


What a riot!  Where did you come up with this?  Seriously good fun.  Only tried the web version so far.  The game play flows perfectly.


Crazy difficult yet easy to pick up

This game is nicely made. Its a short burst of fun trying to master the controls. I made a short video on it. Your game is the third one in the video. I tried all of the trains and I am fond of the white speedy train.

Glad you enjoyed! Very happy to watch you play it!

What a good fun game!

Thank you!!


This was a lot of fun!

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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This is such a hard game even with the simple trains! I love it!

Edit:I made a YouTube video for this game if that’s okay:

Thanks! I'm glad you like it.

It's been a while since I worked on this but I always want to come back and add more rail puzzles :)