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Ludum Dare 31 entry!

You are a flea, you want to prove the world you are the best (mobile) gamer that has ever existed but your body is the limitation, you cannot use touch screens! But making use of a /not so smart/ toad you were able to touch the screen at /your/ will and you received some attention and showcase, and now you are on stage! Under the spotlight!
But nobody knows it! Just the toad sees you when you uncover yourself, but humans know nothing and think the Toad is doing all the job, haha, hAHAHA, HAHA D:

Don't disappoint the audience! And DO NOT GET EATEN!


WASD or Arrow keys to move

SPACE to start/unveil

Published Dec 07, 2014
Tagsflea, gamer, Ludum Dare, Ludum Dare 30, toad
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